ruby on rails / react

full stack web developer


I'm a Full Stack Web Developer and Festival Producer. My primary interest is in how consumer technology is used and how good design can positively impact behaviour and our experience of the world. Balancing technical, behavioural and business concepts comes naturally to me, from my long experience in strategy consultancy. I enjoy teaching, learning and discovery, and currently get to do that as a teaching assistant for Le Wagon in London.

More recently, I have developed meaningful human-centered experiences for live events and with my new skillset, want to bring this online. I plan to develop further as a full stack or frontend developer, and grow my knowledge and experience in UX strategy and writing.

My current skill-set includes Ruby, Rails 6, RSpec, JavaScript (ES6), CSS3, Sass, HTML5, React, Redux, SQL (Postgres) and Git. I have deployed projects to Heroku and Netlify using Webpack and Parcel. Apart from teaching, I'm working on personal projects using Rails and React, and expanding my knowledge of UX and design.



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